Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet the J-41™ Designers!

Hanna :)
Monica :)

Now that you've seen a peek of our fabulous fall styles, we thought we would share the brains behind this operation... meet our two wonderful designers! We decided to interview the designers - here is what they had to say. Readers... meet Hanna and Monica the design team behind J-41™.

1: Where did you do to school? what type of degree do you have?
Hanna: I have BFA degree in Painting/Fine Art and also ASS degree in Accessories Design from FIT.
Monica: I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts, Accessories Design (after taking one more class), Associate of Applied Science, Fashion Design, and a Certificate in Millinery Techniques

2: Why did you choose to go into shoe design?
H: In my opinion, shoes are the most interesting and complicated item among all fashion items. You have to have a design mind in between a fashion designer and an industrial designer. In other words, to be an excellent shoe designer, you must be born with fashion blood as well as an engineer's mind. You must be able to cater to what you imagine in your mind for your collection.
M: I want all the women to wear comfortable shoes with style.

3. What is your inspiration for J-41™?
H: I’m looking at everything which could inspire me across Hi-end fashion and Natural beauty. I love to watch old classic movies to get inspiration since I’m very much into vintage fashion these days from 40th to 70th. I also look at what other people are doing to find out what our niche market is.
M: What would our customer want affordable but comfortable.

4.Where are you from? and did that place in anyway inspire what you are doing now?
H: I’m originally from Korea and I have been living in NYC for more than 10 years. I do travel everywhere in the world pretty much to get inspiration from East to West. The cities that I cover on my foot every season for inspiration is the major cities in the world such as NY, LA, SF, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Hong Kong and Seoul.
M: I am from Korea but I have been living in New York for most of my life and all the women I talk to say “I need comfortable, but stylish shoes”.

5. Tell us something interesting about yourself:
H: To be honest with you, I’m not one of the true J-41™ customers that we’re targeting. There are only a few styles from the line that I want to wear with my outfits. I’m a true metropolitan girl, born and raised in a huge cosmopolitan, which means I don’t quite understand what the real suburban or outdoor life style is... However, the way I approach it in designing my product has been really working well for our customer since I have a different way to interpret trends and functions in shoes and to be able to create our unique flavor into this type of comfort/outdoor product. I think this is the main reason to be successful!
M: I really love to travel all over the world and meet all different types of women. I've realized that all women are alike - they love shoes =)

6. Do you have any big future plans for J-41™ designs?
H: Of course, I want to build this brand as one of the most influential and pioneered brands in this new growing category so that everybody will recognize this as a leader in the footwear industry. I want to see our brand selling everywhere in the world... Even my hometown Seoul, Korea!
M: In the future I hope all the women in the world will love our style and feel comfortable in it.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our great designers as much as we did!

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