Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to Start a Campfire

One of my favorite things about summer is camping trips. Nothing beats the adventures nature has to offer. My family always takes a three day camping trip during the summer, and one thing we love most is sitting by the campfire and spending quality time together (eating s'mores of course!). One task we always left to the men in the family was starting the campfire. So this year I looked up how to do it myself - here is what I learned.

First, you need to collect wood. It is important to have different sizes of wood - you need everything from dry leaves and twigs to pieces of wood 2-6 inches in diameter.
Set the twigs and dry leaves in the middle of a fire pit. Then create a tepee with medium sized sticks around. Create a wall of larger sticks around the tepee until they reach the tepee's height. Place more sticks across the walls to cover the tepee. Light a few matches and carefully drop them into the pile of dry leaves and twigs. Allow the fire to grow, and once it does, add larger pieces of wood to keep it going. Sit back, and enjoy the fire you built all on your own!

Don't forget to bring some good stories to tell and ingredients for s'mores - happy camping!

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