Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Tips!

Your kids are already excited for their first day of school. They know exactly what backpack and new sneakers they want for the new year. But we know that what's on their minds may not be
exactly what's on yours. Transitions are stressful, and this is a big one for your kids. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to stay calm and organized :)

  1. Make a master calendar - Let your kids decorate it so they feel they are a part of it. Make sure everyone knows to inform you of important dates, and make sure you record them. It's much easier to prepare for the weeks ahead when you know what's going on and where.
  2. Prepare before you shop! - You'd be amazed at how much you can save during this time of year if you just look around. Now isn't the time for impulse buys. Come with your coupons, and a list of what they need.
  3. Make Folders - Trying to keep track of all the different school forms coming in will only create an even bigger mess. Instead, keep a folder for each of your children, and sort the forms and memos as they come in. Easy access for later :)
  4. Make sure they're prepared - The last thing you need is a note from the school telling you your kid needs a short or check-up. Make sure all medical needs are taken care of before school starts. Sure, appointments will come up during the year, but the more you try and get things out of the way, the better!
  5. Most of all, try and let the kids have fun. School is very exciting, especially when they're young. Let the little things go, and help keep those cute smiles on their face :D

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