Friday, June 25, 2010

Sailing has been around for thousands of years. As summer starts, we would like to give you some ideas for outdoor activities to do with your family. Sailing is a great activity that allows you to get outside, be active while spending time with the ones you love. Although, sailing is not the easiest outdoor adventure, the challenge can be fulfilling. Here's some basic tips to help you and your loved ones have an enjoyable sailing trip.

  1. Slip on your J-41's (Maybe our Aquarius Water-Ready shoe!)- these shoes will help your feet grip the boat so that you keep your balance

  2. Choose calm, uncrowded waters

  3. Choose a small boat

  4. Begin on a boat rigged with one sail

  5. Follow sailing basics for safety- which include wearing a flotation device and knowing how to swim

  6. Research tide, wind and weather conditions

  7. Become familiar with sail control- which means taking advantage of the wind and weather conditions. The sail should be flat when there is light or strong wind and angled for moderate wind.

  8. Capsize on purpose- this should be done in a controlled environment, this will come in handy when dealing with real-life events

  9. Respect the boom- this will help avoid any injuries such as getting knocked in the head

  10. Learn basic sailing terms- such as port, startboard and other simple concepts

  11. Practice makes perfect!!

We hope that you are comfortable in your J-41's while you sail away with your family!

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