Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gift Ideas for an Adventurous Father's Day

It seems like every year when Father's Day comes around, gift ideas are always a problem. This year, we wanted to offer some fun gift ideas that will allow the whole family to Adventure On.
  • Get Dad a new bike! Thankfully, Father's Day is in the summer, so there is plenty of time to enjoy a nice family bike ride. A new bike for dad will get everyone excited for a fun day out on the trail.
  • You already have your favorite J-41™'s which use Jeep® technology for superior traction. Now would be a great time to get your man a great pair of hiking shoes. Take him to his favorite store, let him choose the best pair - and go hiking! It's a great and fun way to exercise together.
  • Another great summer activity is fishing. If he doesn't already have one, get Dad a fishing pole. He'll be happy to bring along the family so he can brag about his "great catch" later :)
  • Plan a whitewater rafting trip. Talk about real adventure! Whitewater rafting is one of the most fun ways for a family to bond and work as a team. He won't be able to use this gift next summer, but the laughs and memories will last forever!

Hopefully with these gift ideas, your family will be celebrating Dad in the most adventurous ways possible :)

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