Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make Your Own Picnic Blanket!

Picnics are a great idea on these beautiful summer days. They're a fun and simple way to pack up a lunch and spend time with the family or friends.. what more could you ask for? But before you go, make sure you have everything on the check list! Here is an easy way to make your own picnic 'knot blanket': (no sewing!! :)
  • First, decide what size blanket you want. (A good size would be 6' x 6')
  • Next, go to the fabric store and pick out two different fabrics - you want the fabrics to be lightweight and very colorful! Try to get the colors to match and the weight to be the same.
  • Once you have your fabrics, place one on top of the other. If you chose patterned fabrics, make sure they are facing out.
  • Pin the two fabrics together (Make sure they are no less than 6" from the edge. 2-3 pins per side will be enough.)
  • Now, get your scissors ready! Cut a 4"x4" square off of each corner, and remember to always cut both fabrics at the same time.
  • Cut the strips you will be tying together. Make them about 4" long and about 1" wide.
  • Grab a corner and start knotting! Tie the top strip to the bottom strip in a double knot. Tie every other strip like that until you've gone once around the blanket.
  • Finally, turn the blanket over and do the same to the remaining untied strips. (This will give it an even, balanced look)
That's it! you've done it - now kick off your J-41's, and enjoy your home made picnic blanket!

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