Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrate Grandparent's Day!

Some of you may have celebrated this unofficial holiday last weekend with your grandparents, but if you didn't know National "Grandparents Day" is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. If you missed it, and want to have an excuse to get together to celebrate with your family you may have another chance... in Japan, people celebrate their version of grandparents day on the third Monday of September (9/20) as the "Respect for the Aged Day". Well, it’s never too late no matter what day of the year, grab your kids and head over to Gramma's house! Here are some great little gift ideas for grandparents day...

Is Grandma and grandpa coming to you? Surprise them by breaking out the family recipes and make them a delicious meal. Nothing feels better than having your family together enjoying a homemade dinner.

Maybe you can get them an iPod filled with music your grandparents would enjoy. Pick their wedding song, the favorite album they drove you crazy with growing up, or hey, maybe your grandparents are hip and like Lady Gaga. I am sure either way this would be a fun gift from the grand kids!

Forget buying the card, make one! Grandparents are always proud to hang a handmade card on their fridge no matter what age their grand kids are. Get creative... what its not Van Gogh? or Hallmark? Believe me in your grandparents' eyes this is their grand-kids' "masterpiece"!

Think about useful things your grandparents will need this Fall. Perhaps some Fall accessories like a stylish new scarf, hat and gloves set.

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